Friday, October 23, 2015

Broad Street 10miler May 2nd- day2

We woke around 7:30 and got ready for the day.  The weather was going to be beautiful.  So grateful for this.  We went to our free hotel breakfast.  (I really have enjoyed the "inn in Wilmington") Nice little hotel perfect for my needs.  

Our friends picked us up. Because Shannon had never been to the city I knew we'd want to see a whole bunch so we took separate cars since we'd be there longer.  We started our tour in the historic area checking out the liberty bell. 

Next we headed toward the convention center to register for race.  I picked up my race packet which randomly had slices of bread in the swag bag.  I slowly nibbled on it but my stomach was still a mess.  Registration was organized and very easy. It was at the convention center which is huge, but signs led the way. Picked up packets in alphabetical order and looked at the things for sale.  I bought us "sweaty bands".  I've never used before but I thought I'd try.  (I like to use when running. I recommend.  

I really discovered where the nicest bathrooms are in downtown Philadelphia. Yeah I know TMI again.  We headed to the filming locations of the movie Mannenquin which I love and wanted Shannon to see. Which was Wannamakers Department Store. Now is Macy, (nice bathroom third floor girls clothing section). 

After this we separated from our friends and they did their own thing and we headed toward the Rocky Stairs. We finally made it. 

We met with a friend that was also doing the race at this point, Elizabeth and got some great pics with her 

We slowly walked back to car and headed to Delaware and had to switch hotels because I messed up Priceline.  We were at a best western this time and stopped for some dinner. I had some rye toast. After a long day of walking and feeling sick and really having nothing in me it was so good. Then we went to check into hotel. 

This was such a funny memory. The hotel was a best western. We thought oh it can't be too bad. It had a 60's vibe and weird smell in lobby.  Pics online had a suite that looked really outdated but I figured we'd be on regular room.  Then realized we were in a suite. (Hopefully not the western looking one I saw online) I opened the door and was shocked at this hotel room!!!  Unlike anything ever. And def NOT a suite.  If you like birds maybe you'd like it.  Here's some pics.

We were in tears laughing so hard. Wall to wall covered in bird wallpaper and bird bedding. 

We went to sleep and I just hoped I'd feel good enough for race the next day.

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