Friday, May 29, 2015

Broad Street 10miler May 1-day 1

This race was experience was quite different than any other due to health issues I had experienced but looking back I feel I was "meant" to do it. 

I applied for a new job at Southwest Airlines back in January.  I had no clue if I'd get job but as race registration rolled around in February I went for it considering if I couldn't do the race wasn't too expensive. I think 40.00

The year before I did this one with a group of about 20 people from a Disney running Facebook group and there was a bunch of us that wanted to do again. 

Broad street is a lottery race but you can sign up as teams so we felt like our chance may be better that way so I joined "team Cam Halen"

Luckily we all got into the race and I continued to train through this long cold winter.  

Planning for this race didn't go well. There was a convention downtown so not reasonable hotel rates were available.  Plans changed so much the family decided not to go and I was on 
my own.  Thankfully my awesome cousin Shannon said she'd go with me. It's about 7 hour drive to Philly.  We decided to stay in Delaware near my friends house that I planned to run with.

So the week before the race my son got sick with a stomach virus.  I always catch it.  I just kept thinking please let me get it either Sunday-Wednesday so I can recover in time for the race. But of course I wake up Thursday morning before were supposed to leave puking.  Ugh. We still said we try and go and I made it through night without throwing up more but then let's say it went to the other end.  Now I love a good poop story.  Never expecting a poop novel though.  ALL WEEKEND LONG!! Sorry I know gross but sh*t happens 

So we get up get on the road and venture to Philly. As usual we have so much fun on our car rides 
This was us before leaving 

We took a lunch break and I tried to stay hydrated as much as possible.  About 30 minutes from the city I had a state of emergency. Find me the closest bathroom!!!   Looking back omg so funny in the moment not so much.  I will always be more sympathetic to people with sensitive stomachs after this trip!

So we get to Delaware and checkin to hotel and headed to dinner with friends. I only had a small dinner salad too scared to eat.

Being sick will never stop me from being silly. Here I am with my friends daughter reencting some statues. Which I love to do. So we head back to hotel for night and at 2-6am I'm pretty much sick every half hour.  Yeah how am I gonna run a 10miler in 24 hours?!?!?