Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hershey 10k recap -day 3

Sunday morning we woke up.  I let the kids swim one more time before packing up.  I have to say this hotel had the warmest indoor pool room.  It was so nice and toasty in pool area I could've hung out there ALL day.  It was great because the kids didn't get cold.  

We packed up and decided to stop at Chocolate World before heading home. Chocolate World is like a huge gift shop and it has a free ride that shows you how the chocolate bars are made.  We got a couple souvenirs and then made a quick pit stop at the Disney Outlet before heading home 

It was a long drive (seemed so much longer going home.  Shannon and I got ahead of the group and pulled over for this quick scenic pic.  We always have so much fun on our road trips.  I can't wait til the next one.  

This race doesn't have the glitz and excitement of a Disney run.  But it's really a great little one that has many Disney elements at a fraction of the cost.  A great way to get us through the last cold months of winter, counting down to this trip.  I hope to do again next year.  

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