Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Time for the Race!!!!!! Or maybe not quite yet

So after last year's weather at this race we thought anything would be better this year.  It had been unseasonably hot all week but that was better than last year we figured.  Luckily our costumes were tank tops and shorts and we made sure we kept very hydrated.  

Some members of our group decided to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme.  My cousin and I would be tweedle dee and dum.  (Yep I'm dum) Laura and Meghan would end queen of hearts, Stephen would be the mad hatter, Linda would be Cheshire Cat, Sarah would be Alice, and Melanie would be white rabbit. Here's how our costumes turned out.

We headed to the race early. Perk to getting there early was photo opportunity with characters. 

We met up with majority of friends from our Facebook group. Here's a big group shot prerace 

After we checked our bags we started to split off into our corrals. I was in F corral with my friends James and Stephen.
We made one last bathroom stop and headed toward corral. They were not letting us in yet though. We heard they would at 9:15 but it reached that and we still didn't go in. That's when they made an announcement that due to inclement weather they were going to move everyone into a safe spot.  Which was inside Wide World of Sports. 

This was getting interesting.  

Radar from that time 
Here I am with thousands of people behind me heading into the baseball stadium.

The crazy thing is somehow amongst this madness despite being able to go to the building on left or right, a good amount of our group all found eachother. It was like being reunited and we were happy to be hanging together during this craziness. Great bonding experience.  We chilled and even danced a bit and laughed waiting to hear an update.  

Here we are hanging in the landing of a stairwell on the first baseline. 

An announcement was made we can return to the corrals and we all piled out of stadium back to our spots.  By now it was about 10:00 and my feet hurt and we hadn't even begun. But I was still happy to be there 

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