Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 1 part 2

We finally arrived a bit late to Orlando and  headed right to Disney Magical Express.  And arrived at Pop at 6:00.  We left our bags with bell services so we can head right to the Expo which closed at 7:00.

We didn't arrive to the Expo until about 6:40 and I ran around the place trying to pick up my packet shirt ect before closing.  I ran to the other building at 6:58 and picked up a pair of my favorite flip flops (Oofos).

I felt a little disappointed I didn't get to shop around more but also looked at is as a way of not spending too much money. Which is easy to do at the expos.  My mom was with me and we took some pictures and my nerves were starting to get the best of me.  We took some pictures around the expo and headed back to resort.  
That night I relaxed and took a bath, and just started crying.  Here I was in Disney, and I was crying.  I think let down of how I originally planned on doing the race and the fear of whether or not I would succeed got the best of me.   

Here are some pics from the expo

Here's a pic of my race loot 

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