Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 2 Friday

Today would be my full day at the Disney parks.  My mom and I started off at the Magic Kingdom.  We relaxed and did some rides and characters. It was cold out and a bit rainy.  

We ended up meeting up with a girl named Laura.  I met Laura at dinner during Wine &Dine half marathon weekend.  She had decided to do Goofy at that point and was looking for roommates.  My mom and I said she could room with us.  So Laura met us at the Magic Kingdom.  I learned shortly that Laura and I we 2 peas in a pod.  This girl found humor in the silly things I did. We had so much fun taking pictures with my mom as our personal photographer. These are some of my favorites 
I was feeling more relaxed as day went on. And I was glad I got all the nerves worked out the night before.  

Due to the cold I realized I was not prepared for what to wear for the next day's half marathon.  I only had shorts and tank top.  

Lesson: bring race gear for all 

A friend of ours from my running offered to lend me some capris so Laura and I headed to Epcot to meet up with her and some ladies from the running group. 

It was nice to see the ladies from the group.  We are located all over the country so it's always fun and exciting to hang and catch up with everyone. Also was so nice to realize they were as nervous as I was about the marathon.  

Here's a pic of my gorgeous strong friends.  
So Friday night we headed back to Pop Century somewhat early.  I ate a salad and we got ready for race.

One funny thing about my friend Laura is we are so alike in some ways yet so opposite in others. I was ying to her yang. While we were both nervous she become more panicky and OCD while I tended (possibly after my breakdown the night before) to just roll with it.  She was very prepared ready to go while I'm trying to find all my belongings for the race.  We took a pic of how we prepared prerace to show the difference.  This made me laugh.  I said she's like Larry and I'm like Balkie from the show "Perfect Strangers".

Laura's ready for the half marathon 

Jackey's ready for the half marathon

Time for bed, we set the alarm for 2:20am. 

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