Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 3 Saturday Half Marathon Day!!! Part 1 prerace

Today is the Disney Half Marathon! 
Our alarm went off at 2:30 and I quickly heard Laura crying.  Oh no!  What's wrong?  The poor thing didn't sleep all night.  She was so anxious and upset.  I tried to calm her nerves.  I remembered while training I listened to a podcast with Jeff Galloway where he mentioned as long as you're resting you'll be ok.  One of his best times was at a race following a night with no sleep. After that we began to get ready.  It was very cold and we needed to dress warmer than planned.  We woke up my mom and she took this pic before we headed to the bus to catch a ride to the race 
Getting to the race early is more fun than I expected.  I was worried about giving up sleep but it was nice to be able to chill and talk with friends before we split off into our corrals 
^^^Kindof dark but here are some of us hanging before race start. We then checked our bags and headed to the corrals.

One of the things I worried most was I was in corral O.  They go in alphabetical order and the last corral was P.  This means the people in early corrals start an hour ahead of me.  For Disney races you need to maintain a 16 minute mile after the last corral goes. While I can walk a 16 minute mile it cuts into your time for character stops.  Something I knew I wanted to do.  It also worried me for the full because I've never gone that far.

On the way to our corrals they had a DJ playing music and cheerleaders dancing so of course we go a pic with them

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